Ford Maverick Hybrid Leads with Impressive Sales

A group of people in a garden setting loading their new 2024 Ford Maverick.

The Ford Maverick Hybrid has swiftly emerged as the best-selling hybrid pickup, with an impressive tally of 26,061 trucks sold in the first four months alone. This surge in sales not only reflects the Maverick Hybrid’s growing popularity but also its broad appeal across a diverse demographic. 

The Maverick Hybrid's Broad Appeal

What’s particularly noteworthy is that 59% of Maverick Hybrid purchasers are new to Ford, primarily transitioning from smaller SUVs. This statistic underscores the Maverick’s unique position in the market, offering the utility of a pickup with the added benefit of hybrid efficiency. This blend is proving to be a key factor in attracting consumers looking for versatile and eco-friendly vehicle options. 

A group of friends at a marina with their 2024 Ford Maverick towing a boat.

The F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid's Success

April 2024 marked a record-breaking month not just for the Maverick but also for the F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, which saw sales jump by 93.6%, making it the top-selling full-size hybrid pickup in America. The popularity of the 2024 model’s 7.2kW Pro Power Onboard feature is a testament to Ford’s commitment to innovation. This feature is designed to meet the needs of professionals by providing power at job sites, while also enhancing recreational activities like tailgating and offering a dependable backup power source during outages. 

Customer Reception and Ford's Hybrid Lineup Growth

The overall customer response to Ford’s hybrid vehicles has been overwhelmingly positive. In April alone, U.S. sales of Ford hybrid vehicles reached 17,997 units—a 60% increase from the previous year, setting a new monthly record. This significant growth highlights the escalating consumer interest in more sustainable and efficient vehicle choices. 

A group of friends partying at night in a city setting with their new 2024 Ford Maverick.

The Future Looks Bright for Ford's Hybrids

The success of Ford’s hybrid models, particularly the Maverick Hybrid, is a clear indicator of the shifting consumer preferences towards more sustainable automotive options. As the trend continues, Ford is well-positioned to lead the market with its innovative and eco-friendly solutions, catering to a new era of discerning vehicle owners. 



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